POWINS Kiosk Substations

POWINS’ range of standard and custom designed transportable kiosks lead the market as the latest generation of mining and heavy industry modular kiosks. Building on past success, POWINS have conceptually redesigned the kiosk building blocks to suit multiple applications while reducing manufacturing lead times and material costs.

POWINS’ design facilitates exceptionally shorten factory assembly periods making it ideal for short term emergency response services or long term fix plant applications. The kiosk is designed to accommodate a variety of MV and LV equipment in an outdoor weatherproof enclosure with segregation between compartments. The modular design makes allowance for multiple compartments as required, each sized to accommodate the specific equipment.

Equipment integral to the Kiosks such as RMUs, transformers, HV/LV soft starters and VSD’s as well as LV switchboards are installed, wired and FAT / pre-commissioned prior to dispatch from our factory. The exterior modular panels and framework are designed to meet rugged site conditions while providing flexibility in equipment layout and size.

A solid base frame incorporates the transformer oil bund, cable ladder and lifting points providing safe and easy transportation. The Kiosk sheet steel work is offered in mild steel, stainless steel 304 or 316. These are offered in UV stabilised powder coated finishes in agreed RAL colours.

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