POWINS MV Switchgear

The range of POWINS, GELPAG MSA switchgear, is type tested for the Australian market and encompasses rated designs for voltages of 3.6kV up to 40.5kV and up to 4000Amps, 50kA / 3 Seconds, IAC Arc Fault Rated A-FLR.

GELPAG MSA is Metalclad Switchgear Air insulated.

The POWINS “safety by design” focus has resulted in the 2019 release of an “evolution of MV switchgear design” incorporating technology advances and improved safety features with our long-term partner GELPAG Advanced Technology GmbH, established in Germany in 2003.

GELPAG MSA is IEC Standard type tested to:

MSA Switchgear - IEC 62271.200, Ed1.0 (2003).

VX5 Vacuum circuit breaker - IEC 62271-100, Ed 1.2 (2006).

The 2019 technology advanced GELPAG MSA switchgear and associated VX5 vacuum circuit breakers are 100% exchangeable and extendable to the previous switchgear range (2005-2018), allowing Clients the ability to maintain and extend existing infrastructure in a cost effective manner.

POWINS locally design, engineer and support the range of switchgear for individual projects in both our Perth and Brisbane switchgear factories.

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