POWINS RMU Switchgear

The POWINS CKFL Ring Main Units (RMU) are based on a combination of integral isolators and circuit breaker units with electronic protection relays.

The CKFL SF6 is gas-insulated switchgear and is a completely sealed & insulated medium voltage ring main unit with a voltage range up to 24kV.

For systems with more than 6 modules, the POWINS CKFL switchgear may be extended using external busbar connectors as required.

The RMU cabinet is made of 3mm steel plate, which is powder coated for additional environmental protection.

The SF6 gas tank is made of stainless steel plate, sealed and welded by laser cutting and automatic robotic welding with protection class IP67. 

All live parts are sealed within the SF6 gas tank and the design conforms with IEC Standards for SF6 leakage over the 30 year life service cycle.

The switchgear vents downward and is IAC A-FLR rated.

POWINS have customised IAC solutions to allow upward and arc vent ducting to exhaust by products out of the switchroom or operator safety area.

Operation only requires one handle to control main switch and earthing switch.

The mechanical interlocking between the main switch and earthing switch prevents inadvertent operation and  

the mechanical interlocking between earthing switch and front access cable compartment cover, ensures safe operator cable access.

POWINS locally design, engineer and support the range of switchgear for individual projects in both our Perth and Brisbane switchgear factories.

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